4 Easy Steps To A Beautiful Face For Busy Moms

by Cathy Hernandez on February 12, 2016

Your alarm rings and you’re off to the races. The first thing that pops into your head is the list of to-dos to get your kids dressed and out the door on time. Clothes, hair, lunch, snack oh wait… did you remember to sign that paperwork and as the minutes fly by you begin you calculations on how long it’s gonna take you in traffic to drop them off then get to where you need to go.

If this sounds like you are then you’re probably a mom and like most moms we take care of everything in the house the kids the pets the husbands and then we figure out how to get ourselves cleaned up and presentable enough to walk out the front door. I’ll be the first to admit if I had a nice outfit on the day before and I’m running short of time I’ll probably be wearing some part of that again. And if my hair is too crazy to deal with I just reach for my trusty cap to hide under.

I have many excuses for this shabby chic look but why do we have to live that way. As a mom of two adorable little girls I’d like to look pretty too. So I’ve figured out a routine to put a face on in 10 minutes. All you need is some key items that give a polished look in a fraction of the time it takes to do a full on face.

1. Foundation
Find a medium coverage foundation that has a moisturizer so it doesn’t clump or dry your skin. Add a dab of makeup on the forehead, under eyes, cheeks and chin. Use fingertips to spread as even as possible. Don’t forget to smooth out any creases. And blend down the neck and the ears to avoid the mask look.

2. Bronzer
I use a bronzer with a little shimmer on my cheeks and eyelids to give a little highlight and glow. The bronzer can replace the need for blush and eyeshadow.

3. Lipstick/stain or gloss
Apply a color slightly darker than your natural lip color to give some life to dull bare lips. If all else fails apply some Chapstick.

4. Mascara
If you think you need to skip some steps don’t let it be the eyes. Everyone notices the eyes. Mascara (if applied properly) can make a big difference. Use Lashlifter mascara to give tired droopy eyes a natural wide eye look. The trick is to get the brush as close to the lash line as possible and run back and forth so the mascara gets onto the eyelid acting as a liner. Then apply as usual to the lashes. While the mascara is still wet press the Lashlifter bottle against the lashes and roll from root to tip. This will lift the eyelashes and remove any excess makeup or clumps. No curler required!!

If you have all of your makeup ready you can get this routine completed in less than ten minutes.

Cathy Hernandez is the owner of Kat & Rose, LLC. Cathy created the revolutionary Lash Lifter product line. Lash Lifter is an innovative beauty product that enhances eyelashes without the trouble of using traditional metal eyelash curlers. Cathy is married with 2 young girls and lives in New York City. Follow Cathy on Twitter @lashlifter and Instagram at @lashlifter.

Cathy Hernandez4 Easy Steps To A Beautiful Face For Busy Moms

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