Lash Lifter


The built-in silicone sleeve serves as a 2×1 eyelash curler and lifter. The Lash Lifter is easy-to-use unlike traditional eyelash curlers.

SKU: LL-1001.


Natalie Lopez

I love the lash lifter mascara its easy to use and it makes my eyelashes look much more longer without having to use an eyelash curler

Stacie Boyd-Davis

I was really skeptical about using this product my friend recommended because I have a very close (love/hate) relationship with my eyelash curler – I love the results but I don’t have very thick eyelashes and I find more than I’d like to admit stuck in my eyelash curler. When I opened the Lashlifter mascara, I noticed what looked like eyelashes on the brush but upon closer inspection I realized that they are fibers that add length to my lashes! The results are amazing – I wish there was a place that I could post a before and after picture on the site. If they ever decide to make it in a shade of brown, I will probably use it on my eyebrows as well as they need a little help too 😉

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