Two Easy Looks Using Mascara and Eyeliner

by Cathy Hernandez on March 3, 2016

Here are two easy looks that you can achieve using mascara and eyeliner. Baby doll eyes and Cat eyes. For the baby doll look you’ll want to create a thick bold line across lash line of the top lid and a thin line below the bottom lash line.

Next using LashLifter you will evenly apply the mascara across your entire eyelash line. Using the tip of the brush to ensure the maximum amount of mascara on each lash. Repeat on the bottom lashes as well. Lastly roll the LashLifter against the top lashes until the mascara is dry

Results: long bold lashes from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eyes. For greater effect apply false lashes.

Cat eyes follow a similar process with emphasis on the outer lashes. Apply a thin line of eyeliner on the inner corner of the eyes increasing the thickness to the outer edge of the eyes. Apply mascara with angled strokes toward the outer edge the roll them up with the LashLifter. For greater effect add graduated lashes across the entire eye lid or just a few long individual lashes to the outer edge of the eyes.

Cathy Hernandez is the owner of Kat & Rose, LLC. Cathy created the revolutionary Lash Lifter product line. Lash Lifter is an innovative beauty product that enhances eyelashes without the trouble of using traditional metal eyelash curlers. Cathy is married with 2 young girls and lives in New York City. Follow Cathy on Twitter @lashlifter and Instagram at @lashlifter.

Cathy HernandezTwo Easy Looks Using Mascara and Eyeliner

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